Retains Financial Advisor to Explore Strategic Options

The Board of Directors of, Inc. and affiliated companies, including Ministries have agreed to explore strategic alternatives that may involve the sale/transfer of the Company’s assets to a third party with the additional goal of preserving the historical and unique nature of the assets including and its almost 2 million unique visitors and up to 18 million page views per month. All of the shareholders of, Inc. support these steps.William & Henry Associates, an investment banking firm located in Los Angeles, has been engaged to advise and its affiliated companies including Ministries in assessing its strategic options. The contact at William & Henry Associates regarding this matter is Mr. David J. Iannini Chairman, President and CEO at 602-327-3803. There is no assurance that any sale/transfer will occur. The founders of the website, Bud and Betty Miller, have always sought to preserve the integrity of the website.  Their desire has always been to see the teachings and lessons of the Bible go out to the entire world via the new media of the Internet and hand held devices. The website, at this time, furnishes the Bible in numerous languages and translations along with many other Bible resources.  *Securities products and services of William & Henry Associates are offered through Innovation Capital, LLC. William & Henry Associates and Innovation Capital, LLC are separate, independent entities. SOURCE Bible.comBack to News